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A Power Couple in Real Estate and Real Life 

Opposite but Interconnected 

Yin and yang (/jɪn/ and /jæŋ/) is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces.

It’s also a neat way to describe us pretty accurately (at least that's what everybody keeps telling us ☺️.) We couldn't be more different in so many ways. It’s the foundation to our relationship. It’s how we live, make decisions, it’s how we parent and work together. We compliment each other. It also turns out to be our superpower in business.

For you, our clients this means you get a 360 degree service.  

working successfully with a broker is about the relationship. If your agent doesn’t understand what you want in a home, can’t read the emotional fine print of what you are not saying - it won’t be a good fit. One of us will get you - that’s a fact.

The most important element in our real estate world? Community!

At the core of our real estate philosophy lies a fundamental truth: community is the heart and soul of our industry. While properties may be the tangible assets, it is the people who comprise the Hamptons community that truly make it special.

We understood the power of this community early on.

In 2009 Amadeus founded Hamptons House Watching, our Property Management Company. The network we build over the years with vendors, service companies and town officials helps us take care of over 70 properties today and ensures our homeowners that their homes are safe and running smoothly at all times. It also means if you buy a home through us you will have access to this very special network too. Buying a property with us is only the first step - we will be with you all the way. If you let us. 

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"The ocean makes me feel real small
and it makes me put my whole life
into perspective."

 One of our favorite quotes - and you will quickly understand what Beyoncé means with this once you get to the East End.
The Hamptons will do this to you. It may be the ocean. It may be the blue skies, or it is the community. We'd be curious to hear what you think. And maybe you even get to discuss it with Queen B. She has a house here too.


Meet Kim and Amadeus

This Is Us

Kim Lenar-Ehrhardt

Real Estate Enthusiast | Video Marketing Expert | Mother | Founder of Working Moms Community | Creative Perfectionist | Professional Storyteller | Organizer and Delegator | Networker and Connector | Ex Branding Coach | Tech and Gadget Enthusiast | Ex Thermomix ambassador | German Expat | Wants the whole world to be Connected

Amadeus Ehrhardt

Real Estate Expert | Property Management Founder | Best Dad (Has the mug to prove it) | Strategically Minded | Honest and Keeps Promises | Excellent Team Player | Compassionate with High Expectations | Principled but Flexible | Always has a keen eye on the numbers and ROI | Nurturer of International Relationships  

2 Homes

renovated and designed

1 Hometown

Both born in Hamburg

32 Years 

since we first met

3 Languages

German | English | Spanish


You are not going to settle for an almost  perfect home in the Hamptons

Investing in a home in the Hamptons might be one of the biggest investments you ever make - financially. So it needs to check all the boxes. BUT - it also needs to feel right, it needs to fill you with joy (as Marie Kondo would call it). So what is it that makes you happy when it comes to your home? When we first visited our current home we both considered it out of the area we wanted to be in.. We would miss the old neighborhood, drive longer, so we almost did not go.


But we did, because we trusted the agent and the floorplan looked great. Guess what? When we walked in - we fell in love. We made an offer 10 minutes later. 
Why are we telling you this? Because it is more than just location and facts. Finding your home needs statistics, checkmarks AND a feeling for you, your dreams, hopes and wishes. It is what got us into our dream home.

And now we want to help you find yours.

We chose to live here!

To us is this personal. Yes, we are in real estate and yes, we would love to sell your home for you or find your dream home out here in the Hamptons. But we are also parents. And German Expats. And husband and wife. And dog owner. In short - we are so much more than our jobs.  

So much more than just a great place to vacation.

Just as the Hamptons are so much more than just a place to vacation! We live here year round, our kids go to school here, this is home.
Over the last years we have been asked again and again if we would recommend it, if there were enough things to do, places to go, schools worth looking at and people worth meeting. And the answer to all the above is: Absolutely YES! 

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Our Personal Passion Projects

How we serve the hamptons community

Peace of Mind for Hamptons Homeowners

Introducing Hamptons House Watching, the premier property management service in the Hamptons - founded by Amadeus in 2010. We pride ourselves on being reliable, personable, and committed to taking full control of your property. Our roots run deep within the local community, making us the go-to choice for year-round residents and second home owners alike.

We understand that your second home is a cherished sanctuary, and our mission is to ensure that you can fully enjoy it whenever you need, with the confidence that it is safe and well-cared for even in your absence. With Hamptons House Watching, you can relax knowing that your property is in capable hands, allowing you to make the most of your time away.

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A Community for working Moms in the Hamptons

In the beginning of 2023 Kim founded The Hamptons BossMoms, an exclusive membership program designed to give moms in business access to a community of driven, ambitious women who are all working towards their goals while raising their families on the East End.

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QUIZ TIME! What's your favorite Hamptons Village? 

If you would move to the East End right now (or move within the East End) where would you go and why? One of the most fascinating things about the Hamptons is the versatility - no matter what you want in a place to live - you will find it here! Discover why each village is special and explore what makes each one so unique. Get ready to find out what kind of experience awaits you!